About the project

(Photo: ‘Family’ by Ivan on Flickr reproduced under licence CC BY-SA 2.0)

‘Living Together Apart’ families (LTAs) are those in which the intimate relationship between the couple has finished but ex-partners continue living together with shared responsibilities for children. We understand that living together and intimate relationships mean different things to different people, e.g., this could mean living in the same house all the time, but not necessarily.

We are a collaborative team from the Universities of Brighton and Sussex interested in developing understanding of peoples’ experiences of being LTAs. We were brought together by this shared interest, generated from professional and personal experience, to want to learn more about how people negotiate continuing shared aspects of family life after a relationship has ended.

If you have an experience past or present of Living Together Apart, we would love to hear your story to help develop understanding and ensure we capture the wideness of peoples’ experiences. Your contributions will allow us to feed into academic and public debates about modern family lives.