About us

Nuno Ferreira, University of Sussex

I am Professor of Law at the University of Sussex. My research focuses on human rights, European law, children’s rights and asylum and refugee law. I use socio-legal, comparative, empirical and policy-oriented perspectives in my work. I am also a Horizon 2020 ERC Starting Grant recipient, leading the project SOGICA – Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Claims of Asylum. I moved to Brighton in 2016 with my family and we are enjoying this city immensely.

Tamsin Hinton-Smith, University of Sussex

I am a sociologist of gender and education, and currently a Senior lecturer in Higher Education at the University of Sussex. Recent research includes with Looked After Children (LAC) around transitions from care to university; and writing workshops with men in prison focusing around personal experience, families and memories. Coming to academia as a teenage single parent student over 20 years ago has informed my research interests around transitions, and gendered experiences of home, work and education.

Liz McDonnell, University of Sussex

I am a social researcher who has worked for a number of years in academic and community settings conducting research around crime, health (HIV/AIDS, mental health), sexuality, family/parenting, disability, education, employment disadvantage and psychotherapy-related issues).   I am employed at Sussex University as a Senior Research Fellow – a role that combines teaching on the MA Gender Studies, research facilitation and is currently conducting research around institutional culture and equality and diversity, life after the EU referendum and families in transition.  My research interests are framed by a curiosity about connectedness, the relational, and how people navigate complexity in their personal lives. I live in Brighton, have three children and a dog.

Lesley Murray, University of Brighton

I am an Associate Professor in Social Science at the University of Brighton, where I am researching issues around how people’s mobilities determines other aspects of social lives. Here, mobilities means the interdependent movements of people, ideas and things as well as how we imagine moving around. My research includes collaborations with artists, architects, and creative writers and I have published extensively in the field of mobilities, including on the relationship between mobilities and family.