LTA stories

Here you can read some excerpts of LTA stories we have collected so far. Please contribute with your own story here.

“For example, in relation to our relationship, my key priority in relation to my children was always never to subject them to the same fighting that I saw with my parents, so (…) after the kids are in bed, we close ourselves in the study and talk about it, but we never fight in front of the children, because of avoiding what you didn’t like in your childhood.”

“We like to show off a certain type of family…We only send pictures and we only post what’s convenient for our image.”

“I was just thinking about how everybody was trying to make order out of something which is actually quite messy, changeable, changing into something… there was a real desire to bring something chaotic and difficult back into cleanliness…”

“I feel very torn in thinking I’m still holding on to the familiar family, I’m still holding on to family by doing something which is, on one hand, less conventional for some people in our situation, and at another level completely conventional – I’m holding on to the familiar kind of form of that. (…) And there’s the underlying issue of at what cost does that happen.”

“… how hard it is for an ex couple to come to some sort of agreement about what happened and come to a place where people say that I think it is really fine for you to go into the world and say that about me and what happened between us and actually perhaps couples for whom that is possible probably on the whole stay together.”

“I felt the need to ‘come out’ about that, so I wrote to several friends and told my parents we split up and decided to go on living together, so it’s very important for me to come out about it, so that people wouldn’t be under the false impression that we were the same romantic couple that we were before. But then I realised that some friends were doing the same, but never came out about it.”

“I’ve had quite a few negative reactions too, certainly mums at school, telling me ‘I just can’t believe you can do it’…”